August 8, 2015


Maxwell’s Boxing is the epitome of “Home Grown”. Starting with just a heavy bag & a backyard, we have slowly grown a strong base of students in the art of boxing.

“Bannana trees, apple trees and guava plants, to name a few plus a toddler playhouse – some items in my backyard – that was the scene.  And then… a single punching bag, a pair of focus mitts and a jump rope.  That’s how it all started, Maxwell’s Boxing.   True passion seems to resurface and I wanted to explore it.

It’s great to help people and see their smiles, that in itself was satisfying to me. I believe in doing good, being genuine, sincere and respectful.  With that, great things just happened. I’m fortunate and blessed.

A good friend of mines, Ryan Acain, came to visit and asked about helping with Maxwell’s, excited to see growth and visioning the potential.  We collaborated and tackled the challenges that were in front of us.  Great souls created a strong team. Ryan was the, “push” that brought Maxwell’s Boxing into what it is today.”

– Coach Sherman